Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My New Favourite Colour Combination

Aqua and red are my favourite colours together right now. It's such a fresh combination. I just got this dress and coat at a Salvation Army sale yesterday, and I love them muchly. Sometimes I try not to match so much, but I do it almost compulsively. For instance, my scarf is exactly the same colour as the drawing on my arm (not pictured) and my eyeliner (except you can't really see that either), and I wore red earrings to match the red in the skirt. And the off-white in my skirt is the same off-white as that in my coat. I win at matching!

I love the black trim on this coat too. And it has a miniature pocket flap on one side above the regular pocket.
Dress-Salvation Army, coat-Salvation Army, scarf-a stand in London, black boots-handed down from my aunt, earrings-made by me, sweater-Forever 21.

That's it for now!


  1. I really enjoy the aqua colour of the scarf and how it goes with the Coat. Kudos on a great outfit.

  2. Thanks Brooke! That scarf is one of my favourites.