Tuesday, January 4, 2011

To the Museum

Today I went to the Portland Art Museum with a friend. I love art, especially modern and post-modern art, and while I got to see a lot of it when I lived in London for a few months last year, there has been a distinct lack of it in my life lately. So that was really cool. And then I went to the dentist and got fillings. Meh. But at least I looked good the whole time. On to my outfit. I am wearing skinny jeans from Ross (I love these jeans so much), my favourite boots (thrifted), a new hand-me-down shirt originally from Forever 21, an extremely cozy sweater/vest (also hand-me-down but the tag says Kaisely), and earrings I made myself. Oh, and a new-to-me belt that I am quickly falling in love with.

I also finished reading Breakfast at Tiffany's at my favourite coffee shop today. I had never read it before and really loved it. I can definitely identify with "the mean reds," but lately I'm keeping those at bay pretty decently. Cheers!

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