Monday, January 3, 2011

An Art Deco Fairy and Co.

Well, April and I just got some new-to-us clothes from a good friend of mine, so we decided to try to play dress-up. April is wearing (as far as I know) a teal shirt and a purple shirt from some store, a skirt cut off of a dress from the 1980s, tights from Primark in London, thrifted shoes, a handmade headband, and vintage clip-on earrings. And a necklace, also from our friend, so I don't know where it's from originally. The skirt is the other thing from her. We decided that April is a bit of an art deco fairy here or something because of the silver eyeliner.

I am wearing a black dress (Romeo and Juliet Couture), from my friend, a beaded sweater (Forever 21), also from my friend, skinny jeans that belong to my other sister, fantastic red shoes from my friend, and thrifted clip-on fan earrings, which I haven't worn in ages but I love.

See, aren't they gorgeous?

The dress has pockets. :)

And the shoes... I've been wanting red heels for ages and ages.

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