Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dressing Outside the Box

When I get dressed every morning, I often come up with things to wear and then decide against them because they are too weird. The top/dress I'm wearing in this post is something I picked up at a thrift store years ago; I think it's the top half of a salwaar kameez, which is pretty typical traditional Indian (like from India) clothing. I've never actually worked it into an outfit before because I just haven't had the courage and creativity to. I still don't know how I feel about this one, but I'm hoping it at least mostly works. I guess my point is that we need to stop being so afraid to wear this or that out of the house just because it's not "normal." Normal is boring. Add a little spice to your own life and to the lives of anyone who sees you!

Joia's outfit: Thrifted salwaar kameez top, skinny jeans from Ross, thrifted brown pumps, thrifted blazer, April's brown scarf worn as belt.
April's outfit: Hand-me-down striped t-shirt and black jacket, scarf from the Netherlands worn as skirt, black tights, grey Converse, homemade red felt hat.

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